Saturday, 13 February 2010

By Georges...

...I think I'm having a fashion moment.

As soon as this luxe mohair and metallic slouchy sweater opens the Georges Chakra show I am feeling something. It's the polar opposite of the apathy that's accompanied some of the other show starts I've witnessed. It's a definate excitement, it's the instant hit of grown-up glamour, but it's more than's more like... desire.

Now it feels like I'm playing with the grown-ups. Watching a designer who knows women, not girls, want clothes that flatter. I'm looking at pieces that stand out for their luxury, that would make a room sit up and take notice. I'm taking notice, because I want that sweater in my life.

Maybe my novice sensibilities need finer tuning, but from there on in I'm impressed. I see myself in the back to front tuxedos that become a running theme of the collection. I can imagine certain dresses working perfectly on the red carpet. I can see the high street ripping of some the edgier silk pieces with ruffle detailing.

Chakra is a night owl. His collection is almost entirely eveningwear and the fabrics run the gamut from silk to chiffon via lurex, crepe, lace and satin. Like a wise bird he knows how to cut and fit to create something that feels new yet seems classic.

While I may not have a lifestyle that demands a ton of gowns, a girl can dream. And in mine I'm receiving an Oscar for the critically lauded script I wrote. And I am in this red dress.

And I'd like to thank Georges Chakra.



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