Thursday, 11 February 2010

Organic beginnings

10.30 a.m. a tiny warehouse on W36th street, Manhattan and I am stood behind a man with the widest wide angle lens I've ever seen. Despite his enviable girth even he's struggling to fit in the 13 models draped sulkily over boxes at the Organic John Patrick show-a man leading the charge in the green field of sustainable fashion.

So with the professionals struggling I have more than an excuse for chopping off a few heads or indeed entire bodies. I hold my camera at a jaunty angle quite a lot in an attempt to make my photos look edgy. It's a wonder I get anything at all mind you- wherever I stand I seem to be in someone's way. I've been asked to move about 25 times.

But my eyes are on the clothes rather than trained on the camera lens. To wheel out a fashion cliche, everything in front on me is eminently wearable. Harris tweed coats and loose blazers paired with Liberty inspired floral silks. The pants are peg leg and heels and hair are equally high. The berry tones are contrasted with some chocolate leather pieces. All the hide used is Vegetable dyed, which means no nasty chemicals are. So delicious looking you could eat it, but probably best not too.

John Patrick's vision is for fashion to be organic as a matter of course. Collections like these are undoubtedly the best way to move towards changing public perception.

As I develop a serious fashion crush on the wide leg plum pants I remind myself I am looking at sustainable fashion. I had forgotton that.

Just what John Patrick is aiming for.

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