Thursday, 25 February 2010

Joss Stoned

So this has nothing to do with New York or fashion or any of my usual topics-I just wanted to put it out there-Is Joss Stone just officially mental now?

It began in 2007 with that Brits appearance when the girl from postcard pretty Devon-land of clotted cream fudge-swaggered around the stage enunciating like a Ghetto pimp from the Bronx.

Fast forward a few years and it doesn't look like she found any of her marbles. Now's there's even stronger evidence that the 'soul sensation' is singing from a different hymn sheet to the rest of us.

Joss allowed her brother to direct this never released film for her Baby, Baby, Baby single which Marie Claire magazine thinks could the worst music video ever made.

Nepotism is rarely a good idea and never trust the mental sanity of anyone who doesn't wear shoes. I think those are the lessons we can take from this.

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